No Half Sends - December

Here's our monthly virtual round-up. December Edition.


December 1, 2023

Roman, CPA

No Half Sends 🏄‍♂️

Going Full Send in 2023. What a year.

Hello 👋. It's our December edition of No Half Sends, and we're diving into the world of Full Send Finance. If you’re on this list, you’ve had a meaningful impact on our team as individuals or on our firm as a whole. We’re so thankful for you.

To frame our update: we help growth companies elevate their financial data through tech-forward accounting and finance services. We’re wrapping up our first full year of operations. We’re glad you’re here.

This is our inaugural virtual brief. We get it. Newsletters can be stale, but here we find ourselves. We’ll make it fun. Promise 🤞. If you’d like to opt-out, just send us a note or link is below.

💥 TL;DR: Full Send

We started the year as a single court jester and are ending the year as a mighty royal flush. Small, but mighty. With a mission to elevate financial data and reporting to growth companies, we’ve worked alongside 40 companies this year to improve their finance functions and build a scalable environment to yield actionable data for founders and CEOs.

We believe a modern approach to accounting and finance can materially change how companies scale. The start of this modern approach is precipitated upon how technology + AI is being used in accounting, without sacrificing the power of relationships and keen industry knowledge. Our industry desperately needs change - proof point.

We’ve also started to gain traction in creating change in our industry. We’ve joined advisory boards, key industry channels, and participate in high-level discussions around how to usher accounting and finance services into the next generation. We are very proud of that and believe the industry involvement has a direct correlation to our ability to serve clients exceptionally well.

Operations in the Spotlight

While running solo was…fun, it became clear that I needed a strong operator and strategic mind was necessary to execute the vision of Full Send - enter, Stacey Feldman, CPA. Stacey joined the team as a partner and COO in March of 2023 and has been off to the races since day 1. She’s a force of nature. Go connect with her.

Team Growth

We brought on Stacey Feldman, Kathy Chmiel, and April Cudis during 2023 and have expanded our capacity to create a more tangible impact on more clients as well as each of our own lives. Our team is 🔥.

We’ll be posting key roles in 2024 as we continue to expand our team on the accounting and finance fronts - stay tuned.

Digital Presence

Ok, when I first launched our v1 website, it was….ok. This year we invested in having true professionals redesign our brand image, logo, and full digital presence. Massive kudos to Dan Strangfeld and the Basil Design Co. team with their help. We couldn’t be happier. Also a major thanks to Brandon Moynihan for the intro to Dan 🙏.

Give us feedback on what’s working, what could use improvement, and how we can better serve our clients, community, and industry -

🚀 Need to know: Startups

> Pre-Seeds are up to $2M now? Peter Walker on Carta Data Minute (More) recently shared that SAFE rounds that raise under $250k have a median valuation cap of $5M. $250k-$500k? $6M cap. $500k-$1M? $10M Cap. Certainly an interesting data source for startups & investors.

> Is OpenAI still a startup? Sam Altman’s departure as CEO of OpenAI, and subsequent reinstatement, can yield many lessons learned on board governance for early stage companies. (Here’s a timeline of what happened and the subsequent return)

> 2024 is the bounce back year for startups. In 2023, we’ve shifted from growth to efficiency, ‘traction’ to profitability, and recession fears to having zero faith in the fed’s ability to understand or project our economy. (More)

Colorado Startups: Our Backyard

> The top VC’s in CO have teamed up to create Pitch Colorado. A resource for anybody to share their pitch and share what they’re building with investors who will actually review the deck. (More)

> Denver is opening up a new Entrepreneurship Center focused on minority and women-led startups, but the 7543 square-foot facility will be open to everyone. (More)

> Denver ranked in the top 20 cities globally based on Pitchbook’s criteria related to deal value, deal count, exit value, exit count, and other metrics. (More)

💸 Need to know: Fundraising

> Our Client FusionAuth raises $65M in their first round of outside capital 🤯. Congratulations to the whole team and their future growth. Oh and they’re hiring! (More on the fundraise)

> We have ~14 clients fundraising a Seed / Series A in early-to-mid 2024 and we want to help get them connected to investors deploying capital. We plan to share more in coming months, but if you’re a capital provider and would like to learn more, send us a note.

Are you fundraising? Know someone who is? We plan to share opportunities for those in our network who are seeking capital, connections, or resources. Reach out to us at to discuss being featured.

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🏔️ Sending it in the wild

In October, Full Send hosted 150 people in our Boulder office to support our non-profit partner First Descents, raising over $5k. It was amazing. Here’s the sizzle reel of the event.

> We went full send at QuickBooks Connect in November, here’s our overview.

> We mentored and supported two Techstars Boulder cohorts in 2024, more about Techstars.

> Congratulations to our client Featured on their massive rebrand this year. (More)

Clickbait: I met Ryan Reynolds, he’s pretty cool.

✌️ Roman @ Full Send

Why Full Send? We’re on a mission to elevate financial data through high quality accounting and finance services, building more knowledgeable and engaged team members, and engaging in our industry to move accounting and finance forward.

Send us your feedback at and help us stay as sendy as humanly possible. We’re ready to listen.

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