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financial planning & analysis

The modern fractional CFO
Cash Management & Reporting
Financial Storytelling & Projecting
Departmental Connectivity & Understanding
Dynamic Real-Time Reporting & KPI Tracking
Board & Investor Grade Financial Reporting

cash management & reporting

Let's focus on getting you more visibility.

Let's face it, the last time you dug into your balance sheet or statement of cash flows was 2004. The time of standardized accounting system-generated reports is behind us. We're ushering in a new era of producing visualized and actionable financial reporting.

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measure what matters

Is there a specific metric or data point that helps you sleep at night? Our customized reporting allows for real-time visibility into those metrics.

Confidently see the future

Apparently, nobody can tell the future. Our scenario analysis can help you see the financial impact of your future decisions and evaluate different scenarios - so it's close.

Take action

Looking forward is how you separate accounting from finance. Taking accurate data from the past and utilizing it to make data-driven plans for the future.

stop managing in 16 excel sheets

You don't have to use the same excel template that your fractional CFO used 16 years ago when they were in industry. Utilizing best-in-class software and tools to support financial planning is ground zero.

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financial Planning & analysis

Do more with your numbers, plan with confidence.

See that steady growth in June? Yeah, we planned for that in January. Our intentional Q1 & Q2 marketing efforts to push consumers from the Pro Plan and into the Basic Plan has been yielding dividends as our CAC has reduced by 75% and retention has increased by 120%.

It all starts with a plan that stays flexible as business conditions change. Work with a team that can run when you need to run and walk when you need to walk.

Board & Investor Reporting

Keep your investors informed, stoked, and hand them the best data possible.

Sharing your financial data with investors can be stressful. We are here to give you the confidence that you are sharing the best financial data possible.

Accrual-based financial statements

Financial data that goes beyond your traditional reporting

Customized to your investor's needs

UI of a dashboard showing various financial metrics all in one location

Gain Financial Clarity.