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fractional & technical accounting

Your On-Demand Accounting Experts
Accounting Team Continuity & Advisory
Financial Operations Automation & Efficiency
System Implementation & Optimization
Technical Accounting & Audit Readiness

fractional & technical accounting

Get your Accounting Together. For Good.

We have built, we have scaled, we have advised...we've seen it all *read: a lot* when it comes to financial operations and scalability. We can play an integral part of your accounting department as you grow, scale, and evolve.

Audit Readiness

Need tactical help preparing for your financial audit? We are GAAP experts and can help prepare for and facilitate a smooth audit experience.

Accounting Project Support

We can help make your revenue recognition, lease standard, systems implementations, and other accounting project headaches go away.

Finance Team Automation

Your in-house team wants to 'automate', but doesn't have the time. Let us help you free your team to get their lives back and enjoy their work more.

Team Continuity & Augmentation

Want to bring in an accounting wizard to keep your team afloat or help coach and train your staff? We've seen it all.

Fractional accounting support

Let's tag-team your financial operations for more flexibility.

There are times that seem like the work never stops piling up. We can help lighten the load by providing a simple plug & play solution to your finance department to keep you focused on moving forward.

Tag, we're it!

Just let us know how we can fill the shoes in your accounting department and we'll be there.

fractional financial team

In a pinch and want some helping hands to get through a busy time? We can support from the bookkeeper level through high-level CFO support.

cpa retainer

Want to have a floating member of your financial department that can flex in and out based on your business cadences? Maybe a flexible CPA on retainer is right for you.

no long-term commitment

You can maximize your budget and team capacity while not locking yourself into a long-term contract. We exist to make your financial operations run like Usain Bolt.

systems Implementation & automation

Build your Financial Systems for Scalability.

Are you being held ransom by system limitations? Have you grown from 5 to 25 to 100 employees without revisiting how you organize, manage, and report your financial data?

We are experts in supporting systematic maturity of finance functions with teams from 1 to 100.

Ensure your operations team is producing the right data for your finance team

Integrate systems in order to reduce future data transfer friction with growth

Deploy strategic financial data that serves key stakeholders across the business

team continuity

We fill the GAAP.
Two climbers on the peak of a mountain

Expert Accountant  Access

We can be your secret weapon when you need extra muscle and on the sidelines staying ready when you don't.

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Flexible Finance Support

Floating team member? Financial reporting project? Let us know your objectives and we'll fill the gaps. If we can't, we have industry friends that we will refer.

Flexible, functional, and expert financial support.