S02:E01 Pivoting Startups - A Tale As Old As Time

Building in the Wild, a Full Send Finance podcast hosted by Roman Villard, CPA and Stacey Feldman, CPA. Today they hit on how they're reinventing the podcast, Full Send, and their services messaging..


January 31, 2024

Roman, CPA

S02:E01 Highlights:

In this episode, hosts Stacey and Roman discuss the progress of the second season of 'Building in the Wild' in 2024, reflecting on internal growth, frequent changes, and constant evolution in their own journey as well as those of their clients. Speaking at length about their accounting firm, the hosts share insights from their plan to reinvent their podcast and their processes, aiming for stronger alignment between client needs, service delivery, and messaging. The discussion revolves around the constant need for evolution and value-based decision-making in every stage of the company's growth, the importance of flexibility and adaptability, and the critical role of staying true to core convictions, even in difficult situations. This episode sets the stage for holistic growth, opening a window for audience to closely observe the hosts' journey of 'Building in the Wild.'

01:01 Introduction to Season Two

01:37 Reinventing the Podcast and Ourselves

02:03 Future Plans for the Podcast

02:58 The Art of Reinvention in Early Stage Companies

03:35 Assessing and Adapting Our Hiring Approach

04:17 Aligning Client Messaging with Our Services

04:41 Evaluating Our Client Attraction Strategy

08:05 The Importance of Clear Website Messaging

08:58 Adapting Our Service Delivery to Client Needs

14:08 The Impact of Changes on Our Internal Processes

16:47 Staying True to Our Convictions Amidst Change

19:31 Conclusion: Building in the Wild

Roman Villard, CPA: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rdvcpa
Stacey Feldman, CPA: https://www.linkedin.com/in/staceyfeldmancpa

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gofullsend


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