S02:E02 Understanding Venture Debt with Brian Parks

Building in the Wild, a Full Send Finance podcast hosted by Roman Villard, CPA and Stacey Feldman, CPA. Today is a conversation with Brian Parks of Bigfoot Capital around all things venture debt.


February 23, 2024

Roman, CPA

S02:E02 Highlights:

Understanding Venture Debt with Brian Parks of Bigfoot Capital

This episode features a detailed conversation with Brian Parks, the founder of Bigfoot Capital, a company providing a different capital option for founders to pursue growth. Roman and Brian discuss the world of venture debt, with Braining explaining how his past experiences as an operator led him to see the need for a differentiated form of capital beyond equity. He highlighted the importance of aligning the business plan with venture debt and discussed how Bigfoot Capital aims for more flexibility and alignment with business needs than traditional bank offerings. Brian also touches on the importance of qualitative over quantitative measures in their evaluation process and the necessity to consider the implications of over-leveraging a business with debt.

00:18 Diving into Venture Debt with Brian Parks

01:21 Brian Parks' Journey with Bigfoot Capital

02:39 Understanding Venture Debt and its Impact

03:59 The Reality of Raising Capital and its Consequences

06:10 The Shift in Capital Deployment in Companies

08:45 The Cost of Equity and Debt Explained

12:37 The Challenges of Capital Availability and Business Sustainability

23:46 The Importance of Financial Planning and Forecasting

29:11 Brian Parks' Personal Full Send

Roman Villard, CPA: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rdvcpa
Brian Parks, CFA: https://www.linkedin.com/in/parksbrian

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gofullsend

Bigfoot Capital: https://bigfootcap.com/

Brian's Newsletter: Substack


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