Avalara has one mission: Help your business manage tax compliance easily and efficiently.

How’s does an Avalara integration work?

Avalara automates compliance at key stages in the process


Determine your tax obligations

Discover where you’re on the hook to collect, file, and remit with a sales tax risk assessment

See when you’ve triggered or are about to trigger new tax obligations (nexus) based on your sales volume


Register your business

Fill out a single form to register in multiple locations

Get alerts when licenses are set to expire


Calculate sales tax and assess use tax

Calculate sales tax rates for all 13,000+ jurisdictions in the United States

Apply an appropriate tax code on products sold internationally

Determine the use tax owed on what you purchase

Keep up with international compliance regulations and apply customs duty and import taxes to international sales

Create custom rules for certain products or complex transactions with varying tax rates


Manage exempt sales

Collect and verify documents at the point of sale

Send renewal requests for documents before they expire

Provide auditors with a secure, self-service portal to access records


File and remit returns

Aggregate sales data from multiple channels into signature-ready returns

Automate filing to avoid late returns

Offload returns preparation and filing to sales tax experts

How to setup an Avalara integration?

Get up and running fast with an integration to the systems you’re already using

Avalara’s platform is designed to work with the leading ERPs, ecommerce platforms, and other business applications you rely on to run your business. With over 1,200 signed partner integrations, Avalara can integrate with single system environments or a full omni channel tech stack. And if you choose or need to build your own integration, Avalara offers a robust API.

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