Simplify your business' expense reports with Divvy. Submit expense reports, budget, reimburse employees, and manage virtual cards right from Divvy's platform.

How’s does Divvy integration work?

Manage company money all in one place.

- Get access to scalable business credit

- Automatically keep spend under budget

- Stop doing painful expense reports

- Manage your invoices better

Divvy works where you do.

Whether you want to auto-sync your card transaction data with your accounting system or quickly manage fund requests using Slack, Divvy’s integrations have you covered.

Match your chart of accounts exactly.

Divvy's flexible integrations don’t require you, or your employees, to change how you do business. We do what any responsible software company would: start with your chart of accounts and fully customize Divvy to match.

The software you need, free to use.

All of Divvy’s tools are 100% free to use, so you never have to worry about add on charges or upgrade fees.

How to use a Divvy integration?

Expenses as easy as 1-2-3

- Employees spend, you get notified.

- Capture required information.

- Review, approve, and sync transactions.

Real-time visibility in one place.

Tracking your expenses across multiple systems can be a time consuming nightmare. Invoices, card charges, subscriptions, employee reimbursements…they’re all just expenses. Track, manage, and control all the ways your business spends in one place.

Fast and efficient reconciliation.

Stop wasting hours each month reconciling credit statements with your expense management system. When spenders swipe, it only takes a few taps for expenses to be fully coded and ready to sync with your accounting system, giving you the fastest month’s end possible.

Truly automated expense reports.

Expense reports, mis-categorized transactions, chasing receipts. The old way of doing expense management is awful. Divvy brings you into the 21st century of business with automatic receipt matching, rule based auto-categorization, and automated expense reports.

Ultimate expense control at your fingertips.

Employee cards and recurring subscriptions open you up to fraud and overspending. With Divvy, you maintain ultimate control with real-time views of expenses. Employees can’t overspend, virtual cards keep recurring subscriptions in check, and cards can be frozen and created instantly. That’s fraud and overcharge protection in one amazing package.

Simple and powerful expense management tools.

View expenses in real time
Automatically categorize transactions
Seamless integrations with accounting software
Easily reimburse employees
Review your expenses
Protect yourself from fraud