A purpose-built all-in-one FP&A solution, unlocked by the power of driver-based modeling.

How’s does Jirav work?

It starts with best-in-class integrations

Quality integrations is one of the primary keys to automation. Jirav can connect to your existing tech stack in seconds. Jirav's integrations don't require custom code, months to set up, or costly consulting services. In just a few clicks, you’ll have meaningful, valuable insights.

Next, gain immediate access to "hindsight reports" and 3-statement financials

After integrating your existing system(s), you’re just a few simple steps away from access to your balance sheet, income, and cash flow statements, plus a customizable dashboard pre-populated with commonly-requested tiles to help you visualize historical performance.

Operate at scale with the time you’ll save using Jirav’s automation capabilities vs. trying to produce 3-statement financials and dashboards in Excel or directly within your accounting system. But this is just the beginning—the real insights begin in the next step: planning.

Create strategic foresight with driver-based plans and forecasts

The forward-looking “windshield” view has never been more critical. With Jirav, you can design models, plans, and forecasts quickly, easily, and intuitively.

Jumpstart the process with access to industry-specific 80% plans right out of the box, then customize them to perfectly fit your business. And with driver-based models, you can create dependency across various parts of the business or to specific assumptions. Drivers can be custom-designed from scratch or selected from a catalog of common, standard drivers.

Jirav + Full Send Finance

We have

How to setup Jirav?

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