TaxTaker helps startups get more money via R&D Tax Credits. Don’t let a lack of capital hold you back from hitting your next big milestone.

How’s does TaxTaker integration work?

The R&D Tax Credit is our government's way of encouraging and rewarding US companies to continue innovating and building products and technologies.

The R&D Tax Credit has recently become the #1 government-funded program for small businesses, as you don't have to wait to become profitable to start claiming the benefits!The IRS plans to dole out $148 Billion to US businesses of all sizes and industries by 2026.Secure your piece of the pie now!

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How to setup TaxTaker integration?

TaxTaker provides...

Vetted experts

Our seasoned tax and financing experts make sure you get the maximum amount of money you’re due every year and you don’t have to change a thing about your existing financial partners or software stack. That means you keep your Accountant/CFO/quickbooks and you get more money on top of what they already are finding you!

Quick & easy funding

Unlike traditional accounting shops or banks, our qualification and underwriting decisioning takes minutes or days (depending on your schedule). We’ll tell you if you’re a fit for our offerings or not fast, because time is money and you should save both.

Zero-Risk Pricing

Simply put, you don’t pay a dime unless we get you money, period.

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